Almostthere offers tailored personal training programs for individuals or groups, and workshops, clinics and training holidays for people of all levels, from beginners right through to advanced.

Everybody is different, as is their predisposition to training, performance in their chosen sport, lifestyle and recovery times.  For all of these reasons, generic training programs often don’t live up to the needs and expectations of amateur athletes.

We believe that every training program should be made-to-measure, created for and together with the athlete.

Work together with our qualified running, cycling and triathlon coaches to reach your objectives. They will carry out a detailed initial assessment and analysis of your current performance, individual characteristics and objectives.  They will then create a program that fits your lifestyle, providing ongoing support and analysis, adapting the program as necessary following regular feedback.

We promote sport crossing, a multidisciplinary approach to sport, both as a training stimulus and to help prevent injury.  It also adds variety for those who may find training for a single sport monotonous.

To find out more about our personalised running, cycling or triathlon training programs or talk to one of our coaches, please contact us using the form below.


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