running and nutrition. in Rimini. 7’s gió no, don’t sit down!

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  We all wake up early every morning but only the bravest ones get out of bed early on holidays! 7am it’s not just an hour, it’s a lifestyle, an hour when the magic happens! “7’s gió no” in milanese dialect means ‘Don’t sit down’. For us it means: move. Our aim is to encourage…

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RUN ICELAND: A race to discover the enchanting land that inspired Tolkien’s Middle-earth.


There is a marvelous “Middle-earth” situated in the Atlantic Ocean just below the Arctic Circle. Although it’s geographically closer to North America than the Old Continent, this country seems more European with its distinct culture, language, and unique population. At only 20 million years old Iceland is much younger than Europe.  Within the landscapes you…

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Orthopedic surgeon, chiropractor, physical therapy, ultra sounds, deep tissue massage! Does this sound like the schedule of a professional athlete?


Someone who constantly practices a physical activity to stay in shape, or a sport with the intention of bettering their performance, may incur one of these misadventures: sprain, stress fracture, bursitis, plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, etc. We immediately understand what a diagnosis ending in -itis means: we have a long recovery ahead.  Pain and common sense…

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