almost tested: Adidas Boost review #3


I am Adidas-addicted.  The “three stripes” are one of my lovebrands.  It costs me a lot to say that the Boost are a product that totally over promise.

I haven’t noticed any particular performance.  I don’t find them particularly reactive, even if I have to say that they are well cushioned.  The very soft upper doesn’t hold the foot in the way that I like.  But that is a subjective judgement.

I bought them in London, at the Marathon Expo, and I’ve run two marathons in them: Stockholm and Berlin.  I can say that I’ve squeezed well over 800km out of them, and still now, edging towards their retirement, they are holding up.  This is a real benefit as the price at 160 euro (approximately £135 pounds) is not inconsequential.  I don’t think I will buy another pair.  I still prefer the Supernova Glide.

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