running and nutrition. in Rimini. 7’s gió no, don’t sit down!

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We all wake up early every morning but only the bravest ones get out of bed early on holidays!
7am it’s not just an hour, it’s a lifestyle, an hour when the magic happens!

“7’s gió no” in milanese dialect means ‘Don’t sit down’. For us it means: move. Our aim is to encourage everyone to be more active, to get up and do sport. You’ll have the opportunity to meet new people, to become a member of a community that shares the same passion for running. Train with a group of people who want to be a part of a community and have fun together.

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Who can participate?
Training sessions are open for everyone and are divided in groups according to different fitness levels. Our staff will help you to progress gradually into a better lifestyle.



Starting on 23 June at 7am, Monday to Sunday, all summer. Every week there will be 6 training sessions and 1 session on nutrition.

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Rimini beach resort 27, Via Tintori 32/A

corsa e alimentazione

Training and tips on running and nutrition
Running will get your body in shape and it will prepare you mentally for any type of challenge. During the session on nutrition we’ll have a breakfast together.


…and it’s not all!
Every member will receive a 7’s gió no t-shirt, membership card and nutritional advice on healthy diet.
Pay as you go:
Your personal membership card works like a prepaid card. Every time you use it you credit will go down. Remember to bring the card with you on each session!

Membership options:
1 training session: 7 €
5 training sessions: 35 €
10 training sessions: 60 €
20 training sessions: 100 €
In case you can’t use your credit you can train with us during the next session.

try & buy

Come and try the first session for free. If you like it, become a member!

At the end of each session…swim in the sea and breakfast for all!


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