almost tested : Asics GEL-FUJI Elite

Very fast, light trail shoes.  In reality I would define them as multi-purpose as they can also be used off-trail (for short distances however, they aren’t hybrid shoes like the Salomon XR Crossmax, but neither are they purely trail shoes like the Salomon Speedcross).

Category: Trail

Weight: 280 gr

Price : 130 EURO /£110



They feel slightly raised towards the centre, almost like a pronation control shoe.  The effect is that the shoe feels stabile, with good traction.  They are similar to the minimalist approach in that they have a small drop compared to other models, which effectively improves the stability in descent.

They have a comfortable fit and despite being very light, they are also suitable for training sessions longer than three hours and runners that aren’t particularly light (in terms of bodyweight).

The little pocket for the laces in the upper is appreciated (nowadays all trail shoes have something similar to prevent the laces from getting caught up) whilst the grip could be improved.  In fact in the most extreme conditions (mud on steep descents, slippery or icy sections) the traction isn’t optimal.

They are not waterproof but they dry out very quickly if you mistakenly end up in a puddle or ford.

After having run about 300km in them I can see signs of wear in the upper that, honestly speaking, I didn’t expect.

Bottom line: ideal shoe for fast trails that aren’t too technical where comfort and lightness compensate for non-perfect traction.

Fit: 4/5

Cushioning: 3/5

Traction: 2/5

Lifespan: 2/5

Overall score: 3/5

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