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Fabio Cusimano

My first 40 years have been characterised by striking passions for sport, engineering, literature, nature, writing – passions that have made me a man suffering from “multifaceted confusion”

fabio cusimano

I’ve managed to excel for certain stretches of my life in certain fields, but never for long enough to make it the only reason for my existence, and as a consequence I am able to speak and write about various topics with a pretty good knowledge of the facts.

Originally from Palermo, Milanese by adoption, at 18 years old I chose in favour of a degree in economics to the detriment of a professional rowing career, without however giving up on high level sports.

I’ve lived in Egypt and Ireland, as well as in Italy.

Today I am a good amateur triathlete, i work for a multi-national, I’ve founded a triathlon team, a cultural association for the promotion of the use of bicycles in Milan and I carry out various activities to which I’ve added with enthusiasm my collaboration with almostthere.